Gabriel Mayer singing "Monster Under My Eyelids," at the Court Street R station in Brooklyn Heights, New York on August, 21st 2012.


top of my head down to my feet
just to watch to see me through

and man it flows from my head
the distant skies see what I feel


myriad of thoughts floating about my head
just can't stop 'til I catch my breath

in my heart hold my desire
don't expect happiness

a lie they told you
a lie they sold you

roll me another cigarette
just can't stop though it hurts my throat
another day another chance to die
rip me up see inside my head

come inside

matter of course is a matter of fact
destiny written up a receipt
wasn't a fine, no only words
find your way between her thighs

her thighs they on you
her lies they control you

the monsters under my eyelids while I sleep
I took to much so they are on my head
I tried to climb out but I'm in too deep now
but I tried so hard to see me through